Text2Image - HTML5 Canvas version

Welcome to the HTML5 version of Text2Image. This is currently a prototype using HTML5 features of canvas and new input methods (color pickers, number input types). This will only work in HTML5 supported browsers and has been tested with Google Chrome. It will not work with the current version of IE which does not have color input support yet.

The image is generated purely using HTML5 and javascript.

As with the standard text2image tool, enter details below to generate an image. The image is rendered immediately after you make a change to any of the details you supply. For a solid background, choose the same color for both background colors. Specifying different colors will produce a gradient effect.

Once you are happy with your image, simply right click and save it.

HTML5/Canvas Text to image converter
Height (px) Width (px)   
Background Colour 1 Background Colour 2   
Text Colour Text Font Text Size (px)
Text Left (px) Text Top (px)   
Your browser does not support the HTML5 canvas tag.